Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesian Independence Day 

This year’s Indonesian Independence Day was celebrated on August 17th, the same date the Indonesian people proclaimed their independence 72 years ago. The purpose of this event was to not only commemorate the Indonesian Independence Day itself but to also increase the feelings of togetherness and reinforce the concept of unity in diversity as one big family of NZIS Jakarta.

The day began with a welcoming speech from our Principal Mr. Karl, regarding the importance of commemorating Indonesian Independence Day, this was followed by a formal and solemn flag raising ceremony, the singing of the Indonesian National anthem, the reciting of the Pancasila and also the Proclamation text.

The ceremony was led by Secondary students and was witnessed by all the students, parents, teachers and NZIS staff.  In the front lobby Mr. Karl was asked to cut the nasi tumpeng (traditional Indonesian yellow pyramid of rice) to officially begin the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations. The Primary and Secondary students presented some Indonesian themed performances which they closed with a musical Jump Jam (an NZIS tradition). 

After the assembly, everyone was invited to compete in the inter-house Indonesian games competition. The games included Sack Race Relay, Sarong Relay, Krupuk-eating, Chain Game, Balloon dance, Water Game and Tug-of-War. There was also a bazaar in the front parking area and of course the sharing of delicious Indonesian foods as our generous NZIS parents prepared a large Potluck brunch for all students, parents, teachers and NZIS Administration and Support Staff.

It was a great day, with involvement across the whole school community which succeeded in its purpose of bring the school together as one large NZIS family, within the context of a celebration which means so much to the Indonesian people. Thanks again to all the NZIS family (parents, students, teachers and NZIS staff) who worked behind the scenes to prepare for the day and everyone who participated in the festivities. It was truly a memorable day!


Agung Hadianto

Primary ICT Teacher

Indonesian Independence Day Committee Co-coordinator