In September 2013 NZIS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the global organisation The Association of Certified Charter Accountants – ACCA ( This made it possible for NZIS to offer the Diploma in Accounting and Business (DAB) – a diploma accepted globally – to its students from year 11 onwards.

If you refer to Appendix 1 you will see that while the DAB is a qualification in its own right it is also the start of a pathway that could take your child all the way to an International Career in Business that they can begin while they are at Secondary School from age 16.

In 2014 NZIS offers your Year 11, 12 and 13 child the option to take two ACCA papers. This option will be taught after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These papers are the following –

1. FA1 – Recording Financial Transactions
2. MA1 – Management Information

In 2015 as well as these two papers the next two of the ACCA Papers in the process will begin. This continues the process from 2014 for those successful students. It is anticipated that these papers (below) will be offered as part of the Secondary Schools main Curriculum at this time. P1170486

3. FA2 – Maintaining Financial Records
4. MA2 – Managing Costs and Finance

And finally the ACCA DAB course completion occurs in 2016 with the establishment of the final three papers to complete. These are –

5. FAB – Accounting in Business
6. FMA – Management Accounting
7. FFA – Financial Accounting

The successful completion of these 7 papers as well as completing the online Ethics Module will have you child receiving the ACCA – Diploma in Accounting and Business.

For more information access the ACCA Global Website ( or call the Head of Secondary at NZIS.

The ACCA Career Pathway and the DAB