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Kia Kaha

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House names from 2014

The idea behind changing the house names is to change our focus and to build a learning culture….a community of students who understand that knowing ones history and place allows you to move forward with confidence towards your own future…. We follow NZ traditions and this is what makes us special and unique. By improving the understanding and significance of using Maori terminology, we look to use these themes to improve our comprehension of Maori culture and also that of other world cultures.

We have moved away from being named after objects, people or places and instead, we have chosen key concepts, which are not only important and integral in Maori culture but also for us as educators and leaders. We are using Maori words and phrases to emphasise our link with NZ and also to reinforce our school and educational values.

We thank the Primary and Secondary staff for their thoughts, and words in helping us achieve, this goal and especially thanks to Mr Rocky for all his assistance and support.

The new names and a brief meaning are as follows:

Blue House – Kia Kaha – meaning –

  • to be strong, courageous, possessing strength of character

Red House – Manawanui – meaning

  • to be dedicated and persevere, tolerant of others

Green House – Kaitiaki – meaning

  • a guardian, to protect, trustworthy

Yellow House – Maia – meaning

  • to be brave, committed, confident