University Support

Students from NZIS go on to a wide variety of university courses and careers spanning Law, Engineering and Photography to International Studies and Communications to Business and Economics courses as well as Fine Arts and Psychology.

Our students are kept informed with the latest information and provided with many opportunities to speak directly to institutions at higher education fairs. Formal career lessons are taught to Year 11 and 12, to encourage students to begin the process of career decision-making and to equip students with basic employment seeking skills.

As an official Partner School of Waikato University, we have close links to many of their programs and have been visited by them on multiple occasions.

Our students are truly global citizens applying to institutions all across the globe, including UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Korea to name a few. We provide support with applications as well as advising on additional requirements such as IELTs, LNATS and visas.
It is with great pride we are able to boast that our students have been accepted to some of the most prestigious institutions around the world through their own hard work and dedication.
From early on in their academic careers our students are guided through their subject choices so they are able to take the course they desire later in life. Our aim is to allow our students to make informed choices about their own futures therefore allowing them to take ownership over their pathways.

In our latest cohort we have had students accepted to such prestigious institutions as Royal Holloway, Kent, Hertfordshire and Reading. The courses they have chosen range from psychology to photography and digital media as well as law.