Fantastic Cambridge International Examination Results


Cambridge University

Our Cambridge International Examination results have signaled quite clearly that our school has achieved a notable level of success, which has surpassed UK averages and has allowed our students to gain entry into the universities of their choice.

2014 was not an easy year and our academic standards were raised early with our brilliant June 2014 results, which saw two students close to achieving a 100% in their IGCSE Extended Mathematics course and our students achieving overall a 100% pass rate.

This series we gained a 99% pass rate but our A* – A pass rate was at nearly 40%, which far exceeded UK averages.

Our Year 13 cohort had worked extremely hard after a pretty disastrous examination series in November 2013. Since then however with the combined expertise and support from teachers and parents this cohort were able to recover last year and achieve the benchmarks they so dearly worked for.

The Year 11 students understood this new emphasis on staying focused, setting high achievable goals and strategically making small incremental improvements each week during 2014. Their results individually are outstanding but collectively they make for much celebration and fulfillment.

Results 1


Results 2

It is important now to keep improving and the teachers have been analyzing and reviewing work schemes and results. The idea is to strategically monitor the data we have begun collating and use it to pinpoint areas of concern and areas we need to develop. Staff, have begun formulating ideas and are in the process of building teams which are aimed at building depth in our curriculum, adding variety and value to our subjects and looking at redefining our methodology and student centered leadership programs.

We have also looked at making our form classes vertically aligned and ensured that more individual attention is given to each student pastorally and that we have peer support and mentoring evident for our younger students constantly.

These results are the catalyst for many changes and the entire student body is being monitored and asked to contribute to building and nurturing a strong family culture where values like respect, responsibility and honesty are embellished.

The secondary campus has an information evening this Thursday, which will detail its strategic plan for 2015 and the following years.

We look forward to your attendance and participation

Thank you


Inga Tamou