Greetings From the Language Section

Our students at NZIS come from very different countries; they are the living proof that being among peers of diverse origins enriches daily life, teaches mutual respect and fosters curiosity for other cultures.

The Teaching approach.

Our teaching approach is based on the most recent research on the pedagogy of languages. Communication in the classroom is supported by a strong reinforcement of grammar and pronunciation, which represents the backbone of our methodology. The students, not the teachers, are at the centre of the learning process. Our language lessons are focused on real life interactions in the classroom but we also exploit the many opportunities that the school’s surroundings offer to us.

French Bakery

Conversation with the staff at the French Bakery “Authentique” on Kemang Selatan 1

Our priority is of course to see our students succeed at their exams but beyond these academic goals lay our vision and desire to open their horizon to various careers. NZIS understands the importance of learning languages in order to prepare our students to enter this globalised world with not only the knowledge required to become accomplished individuals and successful professionals, but also to enable them to become highly skilled communicators.

Mrs Lia’s Y8 class is at Chic-Mart Craft Store on Kemang Raya

Mrs Lia’s Y8 class is at Chic-Mart Craft Store on Kemang Raya

The language team

Our team of language teachers Mrs. Lia (Bahasa Indonesia), Mrs. Bianca (Chinese Mandarin), Ms. Johana and Mr. Daniel (English as a Second Language) and Mr. Stephane Faucillon (French) work together in order to create a common framework for learning. They collaborate regularly to share ideas for classroom activities, assessment tools and learning strategies. Our team is lucky to have competent Teachers’ Assistants who represent a great asset for the language section. They work one-on-one with some of our students who need this extra push to reach their objectives, giving them the individual attention and support they need. In addition, starting in June 2015, the language section is going to welcome senior students from other schools in Jakarta to help us provide additional speaking practice opportunities for our beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. These “interns” are all native or near-native speakers, of the languages we teach in our school.

After NZIS

We are very aware that your professional situation may change quickly. Some of you will have to move to a new assignment abroad, others will go back home and this can happen during the school year before students can sit the Cambridge examinations in the language(s) they studied at NZIS. With our students’ academic future in mind and under the impulse of our Principal Mr. Inga, we want to make sure that your son’s or daughter’s efforts will get the recognition they deserve. Thus, we are going to provide our students with all the necessary information about language testing opportunities here in Jakarta. These internationally recognised tests are compulsory for most universities entry requirements but they also provide a clear and objective level of proficiency for most schools around the World:

  • ESOL/TOEFL (English as a foreign language)
  • DELF/DALF (French as a foreign language)
  • TOCFL/HSK/STAMP4s (Chinese Mandarin as a foreign language)
  • TOIFL (Bahasa Indonesia as a foreign language)

Many foreign cultural centres or foreign embassies here in Jakarta have exam sessions several times a year.
The fees are generally small and the exam period usually lasts only a couple of days.

Mrs. Bianca’s class practising reading and doing the “Amazing race” activity

Mrs. Bianca’s class practising reading and doing the “Amazing race” activity

Direction for 2016

We want to pursue our efforts to provide a solid language foundation for our students. Our principal has already set some ambitious goals for the students and the teachers alike in 2016 but we are ready to take on these challenges. Concretely, we want to improve our language lab at the school where our students could perfect their listening skills but also tackle some grammar activities and explore the various cultures whose language(s) they study. We are also going to develop even further our relationships with other international schools in Jakarta or abroad (pen-pal system, Skype conversation with native speakers, mutual visits…). Last year, we started to invite guest-speakers to talk about their activities here or abroad, we want to multiply these type of discussions as they not only provide great conversation opportunities in the target language but they show our students that beyond the exam, a language is a wonderful tool to know more about the professional that awaits them.

ESL Student

Ms. Johana with Her ESL Students

We would like to leave you with a quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein, which for us summarises our passion for teaching languages:

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

The Language team.