Head Girl and Head Boy and their Deputies for 2015

IMG_5584Today we announced in assembly our Head Girl, Danielle Pintacasi, our Head Boy, Frank Mizigi, and their deputies Heidi Wenas and Rusley Namis. They were selected after student input and staff deliberation over the last three weeks. All of these students are House leaders so it’s the leadership that they have shown during the Waitangi Day celebrations, which were important but this wasn’t the only activity from which they were chosen.

Danielle has been at NZIS, the longest and she has a strong history with this school, however it is her qualities as an outstanding academic and positive motivator and driver for student welfare which make her a wonderful young woman and a person who all of our students can aspire to.
Frank is relatively new to the school but he is assured and exudes a quiet confidence, which allows students to feel comfortable in his presence. He is the captain of our school rugby team and is a strong academic who hopes to study in Australia to be a pilot.

IMG_5573Heidi is also new to our school and she is a real personality who has a heart for everything. She has been an inspirational leader for her house Manawanui and is our leader for everything that concerns music and performing.

Finally Rusley, has a passion for helping and supporting others. He has an amazing capacity to know what to do in situations and has the manner to help others be better. He recently was involved in an unfortunate incident at school and as a school, all the teachers and students felt that he not only deserved this opportunity but that it is also an important message that we all make mistakes but that it is how we recover and move on which determines how we ultimately should be judged.

We felt that these students all represent everything that is good about students at NZIS and know that they will be positive agents for change, the voice for their peers and great ambassadors for our school. Congratulations Danielle, Frank, Heidi and Rusley and everyone at NZIS wishes you all every success and our support

Inga Tamou