Independence Day Celebrations

This weekend we enjoy a long weekend in celebration of The Proclamation of Indonesian Independence that was originally read at 10.00 a.m. on Friday, August 17, 1945, some 70 years ago. At NZIS we celebrated this event today with a range of interesting cultural performances and activities.

Today’s assembly and Indonesian Games have been a huge success, thanks to the hours of work all our local staff have spent over the last three weeks, focusing on preparing students to perform or complete art works for the day. The organisation of groups and the sourcing of materials for the activities was brilliant.

We are very lucky to have such dedicated and patriotic local teaching staff who enjoy sharing their knowledge of their culture and diverse beautiful country with us. MERDEKA!

Primary Indonesia Independence Day (2)

This year, the Secondary campus held their very first Indonesian Day.

The purpose of celebrating Indonesian Day is to increase the awareness and knowledge of our host country- Indonesia. Cultural learning is best when we experience and be a part of the culture. The Indonesian students came together and worked very hard to ensure that everyone had a culturally enriching day.

Indonesian day kicked off with a traditional flag raising ceremony, the singing of the Indonesian National anthem and the reciting of the Pancasila. Mr Inga gave a speech regarding the importance of commemorating Indonesian Day in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, before cutting the nasi tumpeng, traditional Indonesian yellow pyramid rice, to officially begin the Indonesian Day celebrations.

Lunchtime was complimented with the local Indonesian food stalls parking in the school car park and catering to the students. The traditional food available included Mie Ayam, Siomay, Es Kelapa and Es Cendol. After lunch, everyone was invited to compete in the inter-house traditional Indonesian games competition. The games included pencil-in-a-bottle, blindfoldedkerupuk-eating, sack race, spoon and marble race, and tug-o-war.

Everybody- admin staff, teachers and students, were also encouraged to come dressed in the Indonesian national colours. It was truly a memorable day!

Secondary Indonesia Independence Day (2)