Head of Early Years and Primary

3 kids (Medium) I am Susan Hall and in January 2016 I was delighted to become the Head of Primary at NZIS in Jakarta. I come from Gisborne, New Zealand and have enjoyed a thirty plus year career in education as a classroom teacher across all levels, a head teacher for primary, and a specialist teacher in the field of special education.

Within New Zealand, I taught in several primary schools throughout the North Island and also worked as a special needs teacher across both the primary and secondary sectors. I completed my Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education in my 20’s, then returned to study in my 40’s and completed my Masters of Education. Most recently I have worked in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as both an Education Advisor and a Head of Faculty within a large local primary school.

2 boys (Medium) Having worked in a range of educational settings, both in my home country of New Zealand and in the Middle East, I am very pleased to be taking up this new leadership position here at the New Zealand Independent School (NZIS). I am excited to have the opportunity to support the development of education in another corner of the world. Jakarta is a vibrant, interesting, multi-cultural environment and that influence can be seen within NZIS.

I am also very pleased to be returning to my educational roots, the New Zealand Curriculum, which I am passionate about, as I know it has at its core a holistic view of education. Here at NZIS our students participate in unique teaching and learning environments based on Te Whariki in the Early Years and the NZ Curriculum in Primary. They are encouraged from a young age to take risks, ask questions, solve problems and develop independence and social awareness. While there is a high value placed on the academic achievements of our students through negotiation and inquiry-based learning, we are also very aware of our responsibility to ensure the growth of the whole-child. Therefore, there is also an emphasis on developing the physical, spiritual, social and emotional attributes within our students.

My husband Walter and I have raised four adventurous children who now live all over the globe; two in Australia, one in Canada and one in New Zealand. We also have two delightful granddaughters, who we see as often as possible. I am looking forward to my family visiting me here in Jakarta and us exploring some of the wonders of Indonesia together.

I have enjoyed my first weeks at the New Zealand Independent School and am pleased to be working alongside a team of dedicated teachers who are keen to ensure their students enjoy a quality education. By adhering to our core philosophy – nurturing creative minds – NZIS can provide a valuable foundation for our students which should enable them to develop their individual strengths and thrive on the challenges that will face them in the future.
I look forward to building positive relationships within our school community as I get to know and work alongside our students, staff and families.

Head of Primary