The Secondary School campus housed at 70 Jl Kemang Raya has two blocks. A Block is a two storey complex, which houses our reception, our 2 science labs, IT suite, Library, staffroom, Year 12 – 13 study areas, Languages, English, Business, Economics and Mathematics classes.

B Block was opened in 2013 and houses our Arts facility overlooking the 25 metre pool. There is a mini Theatre for drama productions and History, Geography and more Language classes.

Students have swimming, basketball, netball, futsal, table tennis and badminton facilities on site. We have personalized training but our equipment is limited at this moment. We have a covered multi purpose space, which is our main activity area for all PE and Sports classes.

There are no grass turfs but our rugby team uses the Jagorawi fields which are given to us through our association with the Jakarta Komodo Dragons Rugby club. It is an important association for us as it has enabled us to train regularly on Saturday mornings.

The varied PE program ensures that students are catered for both physically and mentally as we aim to adopt the Games for Understanding approach.

Trips to galleries, exhibitions and museums support and extend the curriculum and a close eye is kept on what’s happening in Jakarta that is relevant to student’s interests and needs.