Leadership Program

This award is given to students who have a level of responsibility from the school, which is in service of the schools policies and values. It is in service for the welfare of others and to extend their personal qualities and their contribution helps and supports members of our school and wider community. It can reach to International recognition and all actions must be able to be validated by a teacher, certified or registered practioner, member of the NZIS leadership group. Every person who receives this award is a role model of our student profile and their nomination, is endorsed by staff, students and our community.

Students must have a level of responsibility, which is sanctioned from the school. It should include at least two of the following roles

  • Prefect
  • Captain
  • Spokesperson
  • Class captain
  • Head Girl / Boy
  • Mentor/ leader of set workshops

Student roles of leadership, can also be produced by teachers but these roles must be given endorsement from the Head of campus

At the start of the year, students will need to submit a CV of what they have achieved and why they are applying for the Award.

Throughout the year, each student will be given a mentor who will give regular feedback, to ensure that positive feedback is given and progress can be monitored. The idea is to ensure that the award is given for progression and an improvement of ones character and abilities. It is our responsibility as an educational organization to foster positive leadership opportunities and then give qualitative feedback.

2015 will be the first year of this development program. It will be monitored at the end of term two and at the end of year for modifications.