Waitangi Day 2015

This is a day, which celebrates Maori and European unity and friendship in New Zealand. It has not always been a positive day for many, as it still brings feelings of resentment for past recriminations and difficulties that both Maori and European have faced while building Godzone.

Waitangi Day - school activity

Waitangi Day – school’s activity

For us at the New Zealand Independent School, it is an opportunity to reflect on the positive aspects of both Maori and British cultures. New Zealand is now very much a multicultural society and this year there are small steps to ensure that our school embraces other cultures in our curriculum and school activities and in particular our Indonesian links.

February the 6th is the official day when representatives of the Maori tribes and the Crown signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, signaling the end of the Land Wars and a peace agreement which meant NZ became a part of the British Empire.

We will be celebrating Waitangi Day on Thursday the 5th February at the Primary campus. Our secondary students will be heading to the Primary campus and in their houses they will teach all the Primary students a Maori waiata (“Jakarta e”). This will be the first house competition for the year and promises to be entertaining and a bit of fun. All students will then receive a BBQ bread and sausage and sing the national anthem of New Zealand to end the celebrations.

In the evening parents are invited to an information evening in Primary and then all parents of the school are invited along with the teachers to a BBQ to end our Waitangi day celebrations. Invitations will be sent to parents this week. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at these special day celebrations.

Look forward to seeing you there

Inga Tamou